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"Three Quarters Of The Earth"
Equivalents by Roger Bacharach

In this series of paintings the viewer will experience a subject free of literal interpretation — water.

Equivalent 1 by Roger Bacharach
"Equivalent I" by Roger Bacharach
While sailing with friends in the Caribbean Sea in early Fall, I was fascinated by the variations of the surface of the sea caused by the ever changing reflection of light and action of wind and currents.

This fascination led me to create a series of “equivalent” images titled, “Three Quarters of the Earth.”

Three images of what will be a series of undetermined length can be viewed on my website. Additional paintings from this series will be on public view for the first time at the annual invitation-only 2010 Bacharach Fall Art Show.

The term “Equivalents,” as it relates to art, came into existence based on the response to a 1922 commentary written by Waldo Frank, who suggested that the strength of photographs taken by famed photographer Alfred Stieglitz (1864-1946) was only in the imagery of the individuals he photographed.

An outraged Stieglitz immediately resolved to begin a new series of cloud studies, “to show that (the success of) my photographs (was) not due to subject matter – not to special trees or faces, or interiors, to special privileges – clouds were there for everyone…”

Stieglitz took at least 220 photographs that he called “Equivalent” or “Equivalents;” all feature clouds in the sky. The majority of them show only the sky without any horizon, buildings or other objects in the frame, but a small number do include hills or trees.

Stieglitz’s, “Equivalents,” are generally recognized as the first intentionally abstract photographs.

In the series, “Three Quarters Of The Earth,” I have taken the same approach of creating stand alone images that any viewer can relate to on an equal and individual level.

The shapes, colors, and textures become the subject of the paintings that, when combined, can be viewed as a complete image, rather than supporting elements of a recognizable form.




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