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Perhaps while visiting a museum or gallery, you’ve seen students studying and carefully copying works by a master. It is fascinating to see the mixing of colors, the application of paint, and the layering required to achieve the final piece. Let me show you a few of the stages in the creation a highly challenging tissue paper collage depicting the lionfish.

The lionfish is a predator native to the Indo-Pacific. Lionfish are known for their venomous tentacles, a feature that is uncommon among marine fish in the East Coast coral reefs. The potency of their venom makes them excellent predators and dangerous to fishermen and divers.

Like the Japanese Sea Nettle, already in the “Sea Life Series,” the lionfish has become invasive, devastating the reef fish populations along the Florida coast and in the Caribbean.

Creating the lionfish tissue paper collage began with the careful study and the selection of an image from a group of nearly 100 photographs that I took at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland.

Next I created a pencil drawing, and finally began cutting and applying very thin, colored tissue paper over the pencil drawing, layering up to four precisely cut pieces in a given area.

This has been a time consuming, arduous labor of love, resulting in an extraordinary work showcasing this beautiful but dangerous fish for all to enjoy.

The original lionfish collage and an exclusive, limited edition of just 25 signed and numbered giclée prints will be available for purchase. The prints will be produced using the highest quality, acid-free archival paper and inks. A Certificate of Authenticity accompanies each print.

Please contact me for information and ordering prints.
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