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Priceless Treasure Damaged
Due To Lack of Proper Conservation

The world renowned “Esprit Collection,” considered by scholars to be the finest collection of authentic late 19th-20th century Amish Quilts indigenous to this region, is valued at more than $1 million.

Espirit Quilt  Lancaster Quilt & Textile Museum
Espirit Quilt
Lancaster Quilt & Textile Museum

This collection is on exhibit at the Lancaster Quilt & Textile Museum located in downtown Lancaster. The exhibit demonstrates the influence of traditional Amish designs on postmodern art and fashion.

Most unfortunately, at least one of the quilts in this famed collection shows evidence of color fading, damage caused by sunlight.

This could have been avoided if there was a better understanding of archival preservation.

Just six years following the grand opening of the Lancaster Quilt & Textile Museum at least one of the quilts has evidence of color fading due to sunlight entering the main display gallery through windows.

If not properly protected, colors naturally fade over time due to ultraviolet light. This fading and discoloration are preventable. It begins with the artist using archival materials; ink, paper, pigments. The next step is archival framing, using pH neutral frame backing and glue, archival matting, and ultraviolet filtering glass or UVA Acrylics.

There are three type of glass meeting the standards of the United States Conservation Registry.

• Museum Glass
• Conservation Clear
• Premium Glass

Each of these, to modest varying degree, will block up to 99% of harmful ultraviolet light rays.

As an artist, I use professional grade materials that have been thoroughly tested for light-fastness and longevity. When properly framed with conservation glass, my images will maintain their true colors. In fact, a certificate of authenticity is included with each Bacharach piece that can be used for insurance purpose.

Quality glass and framing is generally available at local specialized framing stores and, if you’re willing to take on the work yourself, you can purchase archival materials at art supply stores, throughout the nation.




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