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Third in a Series: Art Museums On Philadelphia’s Museum Row
Part III • The Philadelphia Museum of Art
Be Sure Philadelphia's "Museum Row" Is On Your Bucket List
Dali on the steps of the Philadelphia MuseumIt’s no secret, I’ve spent a great deal of time visiting museums here and abroad, seeing and studying the work of world renowned artists. I find these visits to be inspirational as well as educational.

Right here in our area, and notably on Philadelphia’s Museum Row, we are blessed with some of the world’s finest museums and collections. Speaking as an educator and artist, I can’t remember ever having so many venues just footsteps from each other. In this story I'm describing the very beginning of Philadelphia's Museum of Art.    READ MORE>>

First in a Series: Art Museums On Philadelphia’s Museum Row
Part I • The Barnes Foundation Collection READ MORE>>

Second in a Series: Art Museums On Philadelphia’s Museum Row
Part II • Rodin Museum Reopening READ MORE>>

Close-up of Lionfish Tissue Paper Collage by Roger BacharachWhat's New?
PERHAPS WHILE VISITING A MUSEUM OR GALLERY, you’ve seen students studying and carefully copying works by a master. It is fascinating to see the mixing of colors, the application of paint, and the layering required to achieve the final piece.

Let me show you a few of the stages in the creation of a highly challenging tissue paper collage depicting the lionfish.


Mazzi's Kitchen by Roger BacharachBacharach Art Helps Provide Critical Library Funding
AS THE NEW BATCH OF politicians in Washington and Harrisburg make news with harsh budget cuts, the impact of their action is taking a toll on education, healthcare …and even our local library.



A Special Invitation…
PLEASE JOIN ME IN EXPLORING the extraordinary exhibitions at the National Gallery London, Palace of Versailles, Gemåldegalerie Berlin, Museo Thyssen – Bomemisza Madrid, The State Hermitage Museum St. Petersburg, the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museums in Amsterdam and The Metropolitan Museum of Art New York City. This will be a fantastic journey, we’ll avoid the crowds and long lines — and it won’t cost you a dime!



Rogoer Bacharach discusses Conservation and Preservation of a Charcoal Drawing Conservation and Preservation of a Charcoal Drawing
THE MODERN TERM USED in the restoration of works of art is conservation. This includes all measures taken and studies made for the purpose of rehabilitating and saving damaged or deteriorated works. The art could include works made on paper or canvas, ceramics, stone/marble, metal or fiber art, and any other materials that could be involved in what is considered art. Restoration is not something you just pick up and do.


Stolen Art Sign with reward offeringArt Forgery is Big Business
THE OCTOBER 25, 2014 ISSUE of the Sydney Morning Herald contained a report about a forgery case not only grabbing headlines, but also actually reaching the Australian Supreme Court, revealing corruption in the art market at the highest levels. In fact, in October 2014 Switzerland's Fine Arts Expert Institute issued a warning for collectors worldwide that as much as 50 percent of art circulating within the art market has been forged or attributed to the wrong artists.


Stolen Art Sign with reward offeringStolen Art: World's Largest Art Crime
On MARCH 18, 2013 THE FBI, ALONG WITH Boston's Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum and the U.S. Attorney's Office, renewed their efforts to recover thirteen major works of art stolen from the Museum twenty-three years earlieR. At a press conference on the 23rd anniversary of the theft, officials hoped to apply pressure and focus attention via mass media, billboards, the Internet and print by offering a five million dollar reward for the safe return of the art.  


QuiltPriceless Treasure Damaged Due To Lack of Proper Conservation
THE WORLD RENOWNED “ESPRIT COLLECTION,” considered by scholars to be the finest collection of authentic late 19th-20th century Amish Quilts indigenous to this region, is valued at more than $1 million.


Dr. Gachet by Vincent Van GoghMonet and Change
CLAUDE MONET LEFT THE FOUNDING PRINCIPLES of Impressionism, the interpretation of color, light and their interaction, to paint a particular mood evoked by the changes in light and atmosphere. Monet believed the only way to understand a subject completely was to paint that subject in series; “to isolate a specific by painting a subject only once was to deny one aspect of reality: the passage of time.”


Dr. Gachet by Vincent Van GoghDrug And Alcohol Abuse Has A Long History Among Artists
— Including Some Of The Most Celebrated
OVERDOSES, SUBSTANCE ABUSE AND ALCOHOLISM are issues of intense media attention, heightened by the death of Michael Jackson. Substance abuse has a long history among artists and may have played a significant role in the creation of one of the world’s most famous works of art.


Roger Bacharach Photo"Three Quarters Of The Earth"Equivalents by Roger Bacharach
of paintings the viewer will experience a subject free of literal interpretation — water. 


Roger Bacharach PhotoCollages Capture The Images of Sea Life
THE ORIGINAL WORKS OF THE Japanese Sea Nettle, Red Sea Horse, Caribbean Lobsterand Long Spine Big Eye Squirrelfishwere created using colored tissue paper. Here the artist layered and glued various colors of tissue paper, in effect creating a collage...  



Roger Bacharach PhotoArtwork Prints Are Not
All The Same
LIMITED EDITION PRINTS can be produced using several methods including: Iris Giclée, Archival Pigment Prints, and Monotypes.  


Pollack PhotoThe Importance Of Pigments And How To Spot A Fake
ONE OF THE MOST EXCITING FINDS in recent art history was Filmmaker Alex Matter’s announcement in May 2005 that among his family's belongings on Long Island, he discovered 32 drip paintings from his deceased parents’ close friend and neighbor, Jackson Pollock. The collection’s value was thought to be near $40 million.


Watercolors by Jinx MorganSugar Mill HotelNational Aquarium in BaltimoreAnegada Reef Hotel




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